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Race Sponsor Activities
Our race support activities were triggered by the hosting of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and started with the inauguration of the Bridgestone Cycle Competitive Cycling Division. This culminated with us entering the professional side of the field with the formation of the Team Bridgestone Anchor in 1999, which brings us up to the present day. We are currently involved in providing support to expand cycling sports by operating the Team Bridgestone Anchor road and MTB teams, and by sponsoring activities in various types of races.

The Bridgestone Cycle Competitive Cycling Division was established in 1964 and has recorded favorable results in all of the major races in Japan in addition to nurturing a large number of Olympic racers.

The professional Team Bridgestone Anchor was formulated in 1999 under the concept of aiming at the pinnacle of the world. It is promoted in Japan as an overall class-leading sports bike team consisting of track, road and MTB teams.

Team Bridgestone Anchor currently manages teams in the road and MTB categories. These teams actively take part in races, not only at home but also overseas, in their quest to aim at the pinnacle of the world.
The road team also owns Bridgestone Espoir, which spares no effort to nurture new riders.
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We are also striving to nurture a junior team to aim at the future of cycling sports via the medium of communication. In this way we are contributing to the development of Japan's cycling sports culture.

Hosting Various Events
We actively implement race events (through hosting and sponsorships) in order to increase the popularity of cycling as a hobby.

Participating in Exhibitions, Etc.
We participate in exhibitions and shows in order to put on display to as many people as possible the features of bicycles that make them both healthy and ecological.

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