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1949 Bridgestone Bicycle Co., Ltd. split away from Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd. and was established as a new company.
1951 Obtained bicycle frame manufacturing patents using the die cast method in Japan, Britain, France, Holland and Italy.
1953 Otani Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Bridgestone Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.) was established.
1960 The Ageo Plant in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture, was newly constructed. The company began manufacturing motorbikes under the name of Bridgestone Champion, as well as motorized bicycles, after incorporating the small engine division of Prince Motor Co., Ltd. (an associated company). Bridgestone Bicycles was renamed Bridgestone Cycle Industry Co., Ltd.
1966 Awarded the industry's first Good Design Award for the lightweight "Super Light" (exhibition model) and the children's tricycle "Jet Bambi".
1968 Awarded the industry's first Okochi Memorial Production Award in recognition of our innovative bicycle frame manufacturing method (the die cast method,) based on our superior levels of research that led to reduced costs and improved productivity.
1969 Concluded a technical support agreement with Belgium's Bekaert Engineering for machinery that manufactures steel cord for tires.
1970 The Industrial Machinery Division was newly established and began producing machinery for manufacturing steel cord for tires.
1971 The Kisai Plant was established in Kisai-cho, Kitasaitama-gun, Saitama Prefecture, and commenced operations.
1976 Bridgestone Cycle Industry Co., Ltd. was renamed Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. The Saga Plant was established in Kitashigeyasu-cho, Miyaki-gun, Saga Prefecture, and commenced operations.
1978 Otani Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was renamed Bridgestone Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
1982 The Belt Drive System was developed.
1984 The Gear-type Non-stage Transmission was developed.
1985 The use of new materials, such as aluminum and carbon, was adopted for massproducing bicycle frames following the development of the structural adhesion method.
1986 The Four-stage Transmission for the front interior was developed.
1987 Awarded the Japan Invention Special Award for our belt drive mechanism (floating gear method).
1988 The FFS (Fami-com Fitness System) was developed. The production of order-made systems was commenced under the title of Taylor Made.
1989 The Dyna Ridge tire was developed in a joint project with Bridgestone Corporation. The " Minna," a new type of tricycle with two front and one rear wheels, was developed.
1990 The new "Tentomushi" power generation system was developed.
1991 The Neo-Cot Frame was developed with the use of the optimum shape theory. Bridgestone Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. moved to Higashi-Matsuyama and commenced operations.
1993 The East Japan Distribution Center was established in Kawasato Village, Kitasaitamagun, Saitama Prefecture, and commenced operations.
1994 Changzhou Goldcnlion Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. established in China as a joint venture. The Neo-Cot carbon monocoque frame was developed.
1995 A comfortable bicycle equipped with a single-pivot suspension was developed.
1997 Merged with Bridgestone Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
1998 Awarded the Good Design Award (Grand Prix) for Transit (exhibited model,) a singlesided swing arm type shaft drive bicycle. A bicycle with an electronically-controlled automatic transmission was developed. The "Keyless Key" was developed. The Anchor, a top quality sports bicycle was developed.
1999 A series of car bicycles was developed under the title of Transit Series. The amalgamation with Changzhou Goldcnlion Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. was dissolved and restructured into Changzhou Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd.
2000 Tough Road Tires were developed in a joint project with Bridgestone Corporation. Bridgestone/Moulton was developed in a joint project with the United Kingdom's Alex Moulton Bicycles.
2001 The "Albelt," featuring a combination of an aluminum frame with a belt drive mechanism, became a best-seller. The Kuki Miharu-kun, the world's first air pressure checker that allowed users to visually determine the optimum air pressure, was developed.
2002 The Raku-Raku, a bicycle with a comfortable seat allowing the height of the saddle to be adjusted with a hand lever, was developed. The Alsus, a bicycle with hyper-suspension, was developed.
2003 The Ippatsu Nijo double lock, which allowed the simultaneous locking of the rear wheel and handlebars, and the White Flash Tentomushi, a bright LED light that does not burn out, were developed. The Abios, a new concept bicycle for baby boomers, was developed.
2004 The Air Hub, which always ensures a comfortable ride by pumping air automatically into the tire tube during wheel rotation, and the Raku-Start mechanism that ensures easy and stable starts, were developed in a joint project.
2005 The Super Angel Seat, which involved scientifically analyzing children's safety, and the Angelino bicycle for transporting children, which is equipped with the "Temoto de Lock" feature that enables the rider to activate the lock without having to remove the hands from the handlebars, were developed. A three-seat bicycle taxi based on our powerassisted models commenced regular operation in the grounds of the Aichi Exposition.
2006 Two bicycles in the Relaxybike easy-to-ride town models were developed under the names of Veltro and the Vegas. The Orby, which was aimed at increasing demand in the sports bike market, and the Angelino R, which is fitted with a rear seat for children, were developed.
2007 Our machining division became independent on April 1.
2008 The [emeters] cycle meter, which can be connected to a cycling SNS, was developed.
2009 Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. celebrated its 60th anniversary. The Bike Forum Aoyama, which combines showrooms and office space, was opened.

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