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A Production Sysem Based on
Market-driven Needs

Bicycles can be ridden by young and old alike, male or female. We have always valued an approach based on the needs of the market, carrying out research on traffic environments, lifestyles, and age-related studies. The products we make are developed to serve people's needs for utility and performance. For men in their over 40s we came out with the sporty "Abios" for young women around the age of 20, the "Lococo" and for professional racers, the "Anchor" bikes. In tune with the changing times, we designed each series for a specific age group and lifestyle. In addition to concentrating on design and exceptional performance, we also take fashion and health into consideration to produce bicycles about which people have special feelings.

Using Technology to Give Form to Needs
Bridgestone Cycle's strength is the ability to consistently address market needs and give form to them. We also have first-rate planning, design, and technology, and seek to add high value without limiting ourselves to conventional ideas. This stance has led to the development of many technologies considered revolutionary in the bicycle world. Several have set the standard in Japan. Primary among these are the use of diecast metal for bicycle frames, the development of our NEO-COT frames based on a theory of contour optimization, and the development of bicycles featuring electronically controlled automatic gear shifting-technologies that have pushed the evolution of the bicycle ahead by leaps and bounds.
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