July 05, 2013
Attention Users of Bicycles Fitted with Front Suspension Forks
Request for Front Suspension Fork Inspections

Thank you very much for your continued support of Bridgestone products. We are hereby requesting all users of front suspension forks manufactured by RST (products manufactured up until 2005) to check the forks prior to riding the bicycle and to visit your dealer for regular inspections in order to guarantee the safe use of our products. We especially implore the users to visit their dealer for regular inspections without fail in the following cases: (1) When the bicycle is to be used for the first time after a long period of inactivity. (2) When the dust boots or dust seals, etc., are damaged or have fallen off.

Note: The suspension fork mechanism is rather complex, so users are urged not to dismantle or repair any abnormalities or other problems, but take the bicycle to their dealer without fail for inspections and repairs.

Affected Models

Certain TAILORMADE models manufactured up until 1998.
Certain TRANSIT models manufactured up until 2001.
Certain SLUGGER models manufactured up until 2002.
Certain FILA models manufactured up until 2004.
Certain CROSS FIRE models manufactured up until 2004.
Certain EXPRESS models manufactured up until 2005.
Certain ANCHOR models manufactured up until 2005.
Certain MERIDA models manufactured up until 2005.

User Inspection Before Riding

Lift the front wheel approximately 10cm off the ground (the manual states guntil it is just above the ground,h) and then tap the top in a downward direction to check if the suspension forks become disconnected.

If they do become disconnected or if any other abnormality is sensed, desist from using the bicycle immediately and consult with your dealer. Note that the cost of replacing the forks (parts and replacement fees) will be charged in the event of the warranty having expired.

Regular Inspections by Dealers

- An outer inspection and internal inspection of the front suspension forks will be carried out. The cost of the inspection will be charged. - If the inspection reveals any abnormalities with the front suspension forks that require them to be replaced, the user will be charged for the cost of replacement (parts and replacement fee.)
* Outer Inspection Details
(1) The entire suspension fork unit checked for damage.
(2) The dust boots checked for damage or dislodging.
(3) The dust seals checked for damage or dislodging.
* Inner Inspection Details
(4) Springs checked for damage.
(5) Springs checked for rust.

Time Required for Inspections

Approximately 20 minutes.
* This may take longer depending on the situation and the amount of time required for processing and preparing for the work.

In the Event of the Front Forks being Replaced

In the event of the inspection revealing abnormalities that require the front forks to be replaced, note that the cost of replacing the forks (parts and replacement fees) will be charged if the warranty has expired.
Also, replacement parts will need to be arranged in the event of the front forks requiring replacement, so there may be a period of waiting until the replacement parts are delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact the following with all inquiries.