Affected Front Suspension Forks Manufactured by RST
Affected Models: List of Model Numbers and Product Codes
Model Number Product Code
TGS230 1B66MA
GS2347 1B76MA
GS2347 1B76MB
GS2351 1B76NA
GS2351 1B76NB

Model Number Product Code
T200CS 1B93EA
T20CX 1B83FA
UW200 1B93EH

Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code
SX1243 1B91SA SC938 1BA3DC SCT543 1B03JD SX534 1B12MB
SX1246 1B91TA SC938 1BA3DD SCT543 1BA3JA SX534 1B12MC
SX943 1B91VA SC943 1B03EA SCT543 1BA3JB SX543 1B12NA
SX943 1B91VB SC943 1B03EB SCT543 1BA3JC SX543 1B12NB
SX946 1B91WA SC943 1B03EC SCT543 1BA3JD SX543 1B12NC
SX946 1B91WB SC943 1B03ED SCT546 1B03KA SX546 1B12PA
SX943A 1B92VA SC943 1BA3EA SCT546 1B03KB SX546 1B12PB
SX943A 1B92VB SC943 1BA3EB SCT546 1B03KC SX546 1B12PC
SX946A 1B92WA SC943 1BA3EC SCT546 1B03KD SD943 1B92DA
SX946A 1B92WB SC943 1BA3ED SCT546 1BA3KA SD943 1B92DB
SX943 1B01NA SCT534 1B03HA SCT546 1BA3KB SD943 1B01VA
SX943 1B01NB SCT534 1B03HB SCT546 1BA3KC SD943 1B01VB
SX946 1B01PA SCT534 1B03HC SCT546 1BA3KD SDM943.O 1B01VH
SX946 1B01PB SCT534 1B03HD SX1243 1B12HA SD1243 1B92BA
SC938 1B03DA SCT534 1BA3HA SX1246 1B12JA SD1243 1B01UA
SC938 1B03DB SCT534 1BA3HB SX943 1B12KA SF940 1B12SA
SC938 1B03DC SCT534 1BA3HC SX943 1B12KB SF940 1B12SB
SC938 1B03DD SCT543 1B03JA SX946 1B12LA
SC938 1BA3DA SCT543 1B03JB SX946 1B12LB
SC938 1BA3DB SCT543 1B03JC SX534 1B12MA

Model Number Product Code
FLC34 1B251A
FLC34 1B251B
FLC43 1B252A
FLC43 1B252B
FLC43 1B252H
FLC46 1B253A
FLC46 1B253B

Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code
CFM333 1B011A CFM342 1B014B CML538 1B15HC CFM342 1B00NB
CFM333 1B011B CFM342 1B014C CML543 1B15JB CFM342 1B00NC
CFM333 1B011C CFM543 1B00JH CML543 1B25BA CFM342 1BA0NA
CFM333 1BA11A CFM534 1B00HA CML543 1B25BB CFM342 1BA0NB
CFM333 1BA11B CFM534 1B00HB CML543 1B25BC CFM342 1BA0NC
CFM333 1BA11C CFM534 1BA0HA CML546 1B25CA NCM333 1B15BA
CFM342 1B012A CFM534 1BA0HB CML546 1B25CB NCM333 1B15BB
CFM342 1B012B CFM543 1B00JA CML546 1B25CC NCM333 1B15BC
CFM342 1B012C CFM543 1B00JB NCM440 1B15AA NCM342 1B15CA
CFM342 1BA12A CFM543 1BA0JA NCM440 1B15AB NCM342 1B15CB
CFM342 1BA12B CFM543 1BA0JB NCM440 1B15AC NCM342 1B15CC
CFM342 1BA12C XDX534 1B22MA CFM333 1B00MA CFM644 1B00GA
CFK342 1B012H XDX534 1B22MB CFM333 1B00MB CFM644 1B00GB
CKY342 1B012K XDX534 1B22MC CFM333 1B00MC MB644A 1B00WH
CFM333 1B013A XDX543 1B22NA CFM333 1BA0MA CFM644 1BA0GA
CFM333 1B013B XDX543 1B22NB CFM333 1BA0MB CFM644 1BA0GB
CFM333 1B013C XDX543 1B22NC CFM333 1BA0MC XDF740 1B22SA
CFM342 1B014A CML538 1B25AB CFM342 1B00NA XDF740 1B22SB

Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code   Model Number Product Code
EX33X 1B021A EX42X 1BA22C NEX33X 1B16DA EX33X 1BA03B
EX33X 1B021B EX34D 1B001A NEX33X 1B16DB EX33X 1BA03C
EX33X 1B021C EX43D 1B002A NEX33X 1B16DC EX42X 1B004A
EX33X 1BA21A EX33X 1B025A NEX42X 1B16EA EX42X 1B004B
EX33X 1BA21B EX33X 1B025B NEX42X 1B16EB EX42X 1B004C
EX33X 1BA21C EX33X 1B025C NEX42X 1B16EC EX42X 1BA04A
EX42X 1B022A EX34D 1BA01A EXS42X 1B450A EX42X 1BA04B
EX42X 1B022B EX42X 1B026A EX33X 1B003A EX42X 1BA04C
EX42X 1B022C EX42X 1B026B EX33X 1B003B
EX42X 1BA22A EX42X 1B026C EX33X 1B003C
EX42X 1BA22B EX43D 1BA02A EX33X 1BA03A

Model Number Product Code
CA842 1B55GA
CA842 1B55GB
CA842 1B55GC
CA846 1B55HA
CA846 1B55HB
CA846 1B55HC
CA850 1B55JA
CA850 1B55JB
CA850 1B55JC

Model Number Product Code
CT43S 1B28DA
CT43S 1B28DB
CT48 1B38RA
CT43S 1B38SA
C8341 1B54PA
C8341 1B54PB
C8346 1B54RA
C8346 1B54RB
CCF41 1B28BA
CCF41 1B28BB
CCF46 1B28CA
CCF46 1B28CB