Important Announcement
Please Check Your Bicycle's Child Seat to Ensure the Safety of Your Child
Notice of Free Replacement of Steel-made Bicycle Rear Child Seats for Bicycles
Breakages have occurred in the footrest of the steel-made bicycle rear child seats sold by Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. up until now, and there have been reports of injuries to children whose feet have been caught in the spokes of the rear wheel. We will consequently replace free of charge the following twelve models with resin-made rear child seats.

We deeply apologize for the trouble, but implore all users of the relevant products to contact their dealer or the nearest store that sells Bridgestone bicycles to request replacement (see details on [1. Requesting Replacement] listed below)

We are also implementing free inspections of steel-made rear child seats not covered by this recall, and therefore ask all users to visit their dealer.

We hereby extend our deepest apologies to our customers and all people concerned, and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Please contact the Call Center listed below for further details.

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1. Requesting Replacement

(1) We apologize for the trouble, but ask users of the relevant products to contact their dealer or the nearest store that sells Bridgestone bicycles.
Please contact the Customer Call Center listed below for Free Bridgestone Cycle Rear Child Seat Replacement if you do not know where your nearest dealer is located.

(2) Your child seat will be checked to confirm whether it is covered by the recall and will be given a safety inspection by your dealer.

(3) If your child seat is covered by the recall, arrangements will be made to replace it with a resin-made rear child seat.



(4) You will be contacted when the replacement parts have been delivered to your dealer or Bridgestone sales outlet.
You will be requested to visit your dealer once again so that your rear child seat can be replaced with a resin-made model (kindly note that the original child seat will not be returned.)
We deeply apologize for the trouble and inconvenience caused.

2. Inquiries

3. Affected Products

Identifying points

4. Replacement Resin-Made Rear Child Seats

The replacement resin-made rear child seats are shown below.

5. Precautions when Using the Rear Child Seat
The footrests on the rear child seat have been installed to ensure that the feet of the seated child are stabilized during cycling.
More excessive pressure than expected is applied to the footrests when getting on an off the seat and when standing up on the footrests, which may result in the footrests being damaged, and this should be avoided at all costs.