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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies in Effect on this Website

Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter known as “Bridgestone Cycle”) has established the following privacy policies in order to ensure that the official Bridgestone Cycle website (hereinafter known as the “website”) is safe and secure to use. You are requested to read these policies prior to using the site.

Basic Policies

See the page on Basic Privacy Policies.

Personal Information Submitted

The submission of personal information will be requested on this website for the purpose of providing e-mail distribution services, replying to opinions and inquires received, and when contacting applicants who have expressed an interest in taking part in prize competitions, contests, questionnaires and other such events. The need for providing personal information will be pointed out in all cases, and the decision to submit the information will be left up to the discretion of each individual.

Objectives for Collecting and Utilizing Personal Information

The reasons for requesting the submission of personal information and the methods in which the information will be used are explained on each relevant page of the website. Bridgestone Cycle will not request individuals to authorize information usage, and personal information will not be used for any purpose other than to contact the people concerned.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Note that there are cases in which requested information is passed across to third parties, depending on the type of service provided on the site. See the page on Bridgestone’s privacy policies for further details. (For example, in the event of prizes being sent to customers, the companies entrusted with express delivery or similar services will be provided with the customer’s name and address.)

Deleting Personal Information

Personal information will be deleted after a predetermined period of time has elapsed if it is deemed that the objective of the information has been achieved at that there is no need to continue storing it. Note that once the data has been deleted, Bridgestone Cycle will not be able to respond to requests for customers to publicize or amend the information.

Children’s Personal Information

When children under the age of thirteen access the site, it is recommended that a guardian browses the contents together with the child. Children under the age of thirteen are requested not to send personal information to the site without the consent of a guardian.

Use of Cookies

Certain areas of the site use cookies for the purpose of improving customer services. They also enable the site to be browsed in a more convenient manner when the site is accessed again at later dates, and they do not infringe on visitor privacy in any way. If this function is not required, it is possible to refuse acceptance of new cookies, displays warnings when cookies are received, and invalidate the cookie function with the appropriate settings on the Internet browser in use.

Collecting and Using Unidentified Information

There are cases in which customer information in collected on the site (records of the pages visited, for example), but this will not be used for any purpose other than collecting statistics on site operations and investigating the cause of illegal access, etc.

Use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer: Encoded Communications)

The site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or methods conforming to this for encoded communications in order to ensure the safety of data that requires protection, such as personal information.

Viewing, Revising and Deleting Personal Information

Customers wishing to view, revise or delete, etc., their own personal information, are invited to contact the department or person to whom the information was initially submitted (contact details are displayed on the site for people who submitted personal information via the site). Such requests will be responded to swiftly in accordance with Bridgestone Cycle’s prescribed procedures. Note that there are cases in which customers are required to cooperate in our efforts to confirm that the request has been received from the actual person concerned in order to prevent personal information from being illegally obtained or amended, etc.


Contact the following with all questions and comments regarding Bridgestone Cycle’s handling of personal information.