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Personal Information Privacy Policy

Bridgestone Corporation and all affiliated companies (hereinafter known as “Bridgestone Cycle”) are deeply aware of the fact that personal information is important information pertaining to the privacy of the individual, and believe that we are duty bound to handle all personal information with great care under the philosophy of respecting the personalities of individuals.
Bridgestone Cycle has therefore established the following basic policies and will strive to protect personal information in order to ensure that our customers and suppliers (hereinafter known as “owners of the information”) will trust, care for and feel proud of the company.

1. Objectives for Utilizing Personal Information
Bridgestone Cycle will use personal information received within the scope of the reasons outlined when the personal information was submitted.
2. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
With the exception of the following cases, Bridgestone Cycle will not disclose personal information to third parties

  • 1) When the owner of the information consents to disclosure.
  • 2) When the owner of the information contacts Bridgestone Cycle with an inquiry, and Bridgestone Cycle deems disclosure appropriate for the purpose of receiving replies or responses from affiliated companies or agencies, etc.
  • 3) When it is necessary to disclose the information to sub-contracting companies and affiliated companies with which nondisclosure agreements have been previously concluded in order to achieve the objectives of collection explained to the owner of the information.
  • 4) When it is necessary to disclose personal information to financial institutes for the purpose of financial settlement when merchandize has been purchased or chargeable services used, etc.
  • 5) When information with which it is impossible to identify the owner of the information is disclosed (statistics, etc.).
  • 6) When disclosure to third parties is necessary in accordance with laws, directives and guidelines, etc., when personal information owned by Bridgestone Cycle is to be supplied to third parties, and when third parties are entrusted with the disposal, etc., of the information, Bridgestone Cycle will pay close attention to the selection of the third parties and sub-contracting companies to which the information is to be supplied, while at the same time monitoring the situation, etc., to ensure that appropriate security measures to handle the information in the same way as Bridgestone Cycle are being implemented.

3. Management of Personal Information

Bridgestone Cycle will manage personal information in an appropriate manner and implement security measures to ensure the prevention of illegal access to personal information, as well as loss, damage, modification and leakage, etc. Bridgestone Cycle will also implement staff training to ensure that private information is protected and handled appropriately on a constant basis.

4. Inquiries Relating to Personal Information

The owners of personal information contacting Bridgestone Cycle with requests to view, revise or delete, etc., their own personal information will be responded to swiftly in accordance with Bridgestone Cycle’s prescribed procedures.

5. Strict Conformance to Laws and Regulations, and Reviews

Bridgestone Cycle will strictly conform to all laws and regulations pertaining to personal information, and strive to improve and enhance measures to protect personal information on a constant basis.