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Scientific Analysis

Our Constant Theme: Understanding the Human Body
It is just the humans that ride bicycles. In order to ensure that the mere one horsepower that humans are capable of is put to the most efficient use, we have constantly continued to enhance the lightness and strength of bicycles.However, no matter how high the level of performance

Small Size Bikes that Fit Short-Stature Asians Perfectly

The average height of Asians is smaller than Europeans and Americans, and the sizeratio of their hands and feet against their body is smaller.This means that they require smaller frame sizes, and making sure a shorter top tube isused is very important. A smaller frame size means that there is less freedom to work on part dimensions, which makes the design stage very difficult,

High-Durability for Peace of Mind

Bicycles that have passed anything up to 300 endurance tests and safety inspectionsdelivered to users.The element that we at Bridgestone place the most emphasis on is the simple term“Safety.” Not only do our bicycles go through all of the safety inspections stipulatedby the EN eligible for sale. For example, the EN standards for bicycle frames require five

Concept behind Frame Design

Four different types of optimal offsets available for each size to provide comfortable handling
It is often said that frames with superior cycling performance generally have wellformed forks, and this remains the same today as it was in the past. This is because the front forks reign supreme over all aspects of the bike’s forward movement. Playing opposing roles in enabling the bike to move forward and turn corners providessuperior levels of

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