October 07, 2013
Attention Users of Bridgestone Motor-Assisted Bicycles
Notification of the Free Replacement of Multi-part Rear Carriers
Bridgestone will replace free of charge the multi-part rear carriers mounted on certain motor-assisted bicycles manufactured between March 2007 and January 2011 with integral rear carriers. There is a risk of the connection joints on the multi-part rear carriers mounted on motor-assisted bicycles breaking off in accordance with general usage, so they will be replaced to ensure the safety of users. Customers using the following models are requested to contact their dealer in advance. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.

1. Parts Eligible for Replacement
Multi-part rear carriers mounted onto certain motor-assisted bicycles manufactured between March 2007 and January 2011.

2. Models Affected by Replacement
Names and codes of the eleven motor-assisted bicycles that are affected by the replacement are listed below. (Models manufactured between March 2007 and January 2011)

Model Name Model Code Year
Assista Stila L AS6L8 2008
AS6L49 2009
AS6L40 2010
Assista Stila Black AS6L7G 2007
Beaute Assista BA6L69 2009
Angelino Assista AG26L8 2008
A26L49 2009
Angelino Assista SP ASL263 2007
Angelino Assista DX A26L69 2009

3. Before Applying for a Replacement
In order to ensure that free replacement is carried out smoothly, please check the color of your rear carrier (product code) beforehand and then contact us.

Model Name Year Model Code Product Images
* The images are representative colors. The model color and the carrier color differs between products
Product Code Name of Carrier Color
Assista Stila L 2008 AS6L8 AS6L8 3P824A P.XC Ivory
3P824B E.X Cheese Yellow
3P824C E.X Modern Green
3P824D E.X American Red
3P824E P.X Bottom Blue
2009 AS6L49 AS6L49 3P910A Cream Ivory
3P910B E.X Modern Green
3P910C E.X Marino Blue
3P910D E.X French Pink
3P910E E.X American Red
2010 AS6L40 AS6L40 3P010A E.X Vanilla White
3P010B P.X Ruby Red
3P010C E.X Marino Blue
3P010D Farm Green
3P010E E.X Powder Pink
Assista Stila Black 2007 AS6L7G AS6L7G 3P733A E. Black
Beaute Assista 2009 BA6L69 BA6L69 3P943A E. Cream Ivory
3P943B E. Annis Green
3P943C Jewel Brown
3P943D E. Black
3P943E E. American Red
3P947A E. Cream Ivory
3P947B E. Annis Green
3P947C Jewel Brown
3P947D E. Black
3P947E E. American Red
Angelino Assista 2008 AG26L8 AG26L8 3P841A M.X Silver S
3P841B M.X Silver S
3P841C E. Sand Beige
3P841D Jewel Brown
3P841E E. American Red
3P841F Natural Olive
3P841G E.X Black
2009 A26L49 A26L49 3P941A E.X Black
3P941B E. Sand Beige
3P941C Jewel Brown
3P941D P. Ruby Red
3P941E Natural Olive
3P941F P. Mandarin Orange
3P941G Precious Pink
3P945A E.X Black
3P945B E. Sand Beige
3P945C Jewel Brown
3P945D P. Ruby Red
3P945E Natural Olive
3P945F P. Mandarin Orange
3P945G Precious Pink
Angelino Assista SP 2007 ASL263 ASL263 3P791A E. American Red
3P791B E. Black
AS263L AS263L 3P840A P. Blackberry
3P840B F. Sun Red
2009 A26L69 A26L69 3P944H P. Aurora White
Angelino Assista DX 2009 A26L69 A26L69 3P940A E.X Black
3P944A E.X Black
3P944B Jewel Brown
3P944C P. Ruby Red
N26L69 3P948A M. Crescent Gold

4. Request to Users
Users with the affected models will have the rear carrier replaced free of charge once your dealer has collected the faulty carrier. Kindly either contact or visit your dealer and apply for a replacement. (We would appreciate it if you could contact your dealer in advance.) Having confirmed the color of the rear carrier, a replacement will be arranged for immediately. Your will be contacted by your dealer when the replacement has been delivered. There will be a small delay while awaiting for your replacement carrier to be delivered, but we ask for your understanding in this matter.

5. Contact Details
Contact the following with all inquiries. Bridgestone Free Rear Carrier Replacement Call Center Freedial: 0120-28-9828
Business hours: 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and days specified as company holidays)