October 11, 2012
Apology and Information Regarding Advertisement Placement Advertisement Placement for Lithium Ion Batteries for Motor-Assisted Bicycles (Released in 2010)
To all our customers

Thank you for continually supporting Bridgestone Cycle products.
We hereby offer our deepest apologies for erroneously misleading consumers in the way outlined below in an advertisement placement for motor-assisted bicycle batteries that were released on the market in 2010.

The advertisement stated that the total number of times the battery could be recharged (number of repeated recharges) was double that of conventional models, but the number of times conventional batteries could be recharged was listed as too few, and there are models that cannot actually be recharged twice the number of times.
There are also models that were labeled as being equipped with “high-durability” and “long-life” batteries despite the fact that the basic performance excluding the battery’s protection function is the same as conventional models.
These statements misled consumers by promising products with remarkable superiority.
We therefore offer our deepest apologies for the inconvenience and trouble that we have caused our customers and dealers.

There are no quality or safety problems involved with the batteries that were labeled as having “high-durability” and “long-life,” and they can be recharged between 700 and 900 times, so they can be used without worry.
We will install all appropriate measures to ensure that a situation like this never occurs again and maintain a policy in which all of our products are appropriately labeled.
We thank you for your understanding and look forward to your continued support.

October 11, 2012
Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd.


1. Products Concerned
- 2010: Assista Lithium Light and Vegas E.A. models mounted with 2.9Ah lithium T batteries (including the spare batteries that only these models have.)

- 2011 to 2012: Assista Lithium Light, Josis Wagon E.A. and Assista Lithium Fine models mounted with 2.9Ah lithium T batteries.

- 2011 to 2012: Assista Lithium DX (including the Special,) Assista Polku, A.C.L., Assista Lithium Compact, Josis Wagon E.A., HYDEE-B, Lithium Stream Mini, Deliche models mounted with 6.0/6.6Ah lithium M batteries.

- 2011 to 2012: Assista Lithium Royale, A.C.L. Royale 8, Lithium Stream, Beaute Assista, Angelino Assista (including the POSH mini,) Assista Wagon, Assista Business, Angelino Petite Assista (including the POSH) and bikke e models mounted with 8.1/8.9Ah lithium L batteries.

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