September 27, 2012
To: Users of Bicycles Fitted with Temoto-de-Lock -Risk of Getting Fingers Caught in the Head Lock-
There has been a report of an accident in which a user attempted to move a bicycle fitted with Temoto-de-Lock (*) that had toppled over by holding the head lock, resulting in fingers being caught in the gap behind the head lock.
The area behind the Temoto-de-Lock head lock represents the drive area and includes a gap between the case and the gears.
There is a risk that picking up or moving bicycles that have toppled over by holding the area behind the head lock may result in injuries owing to caught fingers.
Observe the following prohibited actions and use the bicycle safely.

(*) Temoto-de-Lock is a parking-stop lever mechanism in which the head lock is half-locked or released when the lever on the right-hand side of the handlebars is operated to prevent the bicycle from losing its balance and toppling over if the handlebars are turned when getting on or off the bicycle.

1. Affected Bicycles (Bicycles equipped with Temoto-de-Lock)
Angelino Angelino Assista
Angelino Mini Angelino Mini Assista
Angelino Petite Angelino Petite Assista
Angelino R HYDEE-B
Beaute Beaute Assista
Nyusu(News) kuru YUUVI
bikke e  
* Other bicycles may be added to the affected bicycle list without prior warning.

2. Position of the Temoto-de-Lock head lock

3. Prohibited Actions