April 02, 2012
Bridgestone Cycle Showroom Bike Forum Aoyama
2012 Event Information
Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (President: Yuji Takeuchi) will host the "Jitensha Joshi-kai Bike Forum Aoyama" for the ladies' community that enjoys cycling, the "Ordina the Ring" project to enhance cyclists' enjoyment of Tokyo, and other 2012 events from April 22 (Sunday) at the Bike Forum Aoyama (Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.)

The Bike Forum Aoyama was opened in September 2009, and it hosts exhibitions of Bridgestone Cycle's most recent bicycles and a variety of other events relating to bicycles in order to spread the word to people throughout the country about the attractiveness of bright and healthy lifestyles that the use of bicycles can provide and a new style of bicycle culture. The Forum will also be open on Sundays and national holidays from February 2012 to encourage even more people to visit us (closed on Wednesday.)

In continuation of last year, we are currently holding a wide range of special exhibitions for motor-assisted Bicycles under the title of [Denki-no-Chikara] (The Power of Electricity.) This year we will also be starting and providing information on the "Jitensha Joshi-kai Bike Forum Aoyama" for the ladies' community that enjoys cycling for its health and shape-up effects, the "Ordina the Ring" project in which Tokyo is discussed to enhance the enjoyment of Tokyo for cyclists, as well as other events.

[Scheduled Events]
April 22 (Sunday): Jitensha Joshi-kai [Tokyo Tower and Shopping Ride]
May 03 (Thursday): Ordina the Ring [Ordina Panoramas: Metropolis Photo Ride]
June 05 (Tuesday): BRIDGESTONE ANCHOR CYCLING TEAM [Activity Reports & Interaction Event]
June 09 (Saturday): Jitensha Joshi-kai [Enjoying the Waterfront! Tsukiji Gourmet Ride]
June 23 (Saturday): Ordina the Ring [Cycling with Friends: Bonding with Tokyo Cycling]
July 01 (Sunday): Jitensha Joshi-kai [Aim for Gate Bridge! Tokyo Semi-long Ride]
July 28 (Saturday): Jitensha Joshi-kai [Hawaii Honolulu Century Ride / Pre-Cycling]
September 07 (Friday) to 09 (Sunday): Jitensha Joshi-kai x Island Girls [Riding Tour around Izu Oshima]
September 21 (Friday) to 23 (Sunday): Ordina the Ring [Cycling with Friends: Bonding with Izu Oshima Tour]
September 28 (Friday) to October 03 (Wednesday): Jitensha Joshi-kai [Hawaii Honolulu Century Riding Tour]

Other events are also being planned. Details will be posted on the Bike Forum Aoyama website when fixed.
Note: There are cases in which event schedules and contents may change.

[Bike Forum Aoyama]
Address: 3-1-26 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Six minutes walk from exit No.3 of the Gaien-Mae Station on the Ginza Metro Line.
Tel: 03-6438-1971
Business Hours: 11:00 to 19:00 (closed on Sundays)
URL: www.bikeforum-aoyama.jp/