February 29, 2012
Bridgestone Cycle Showroom Bike Forum Aoyama Hosts the Special "Denki-no-Chikara" Motor-Assisted Bicycle Exhibition
Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (President: Yuji Takeuchi) will host the special Motor-Assisted Bicycle exhibition under the theme of "Denki-no-Chikara" for motor-assisted bicycles, which are gaining in popularity recently, at the Bike Forum Aoyama (Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) between March 09 and April 10.

The recent effects of the high cost of petroleum and an increased awareness of the environment and personal health have resulted in increased popularity in motor-assisted bicycles, with demand in 2010 at 5% above the previous year (Bicycle Association statistics) and a total of 420,000 units sold in 2011 for an additional increase of 13% over 2010 figures.

This exhibition will run under the theme of "Denki-no-Chikara" and will display the attractiveness of Bridgestone Cycle's motor-assisted bicycles with a full lineup of bikes from those designed for shopping, for transporting children and fashionable urban models through to sports bikes. In addition to an exhibition of the Assista series, the Angelino, the HYDEE.B, the JOSIS-Wgn, the Real Stream and other motor-assisted bicycles, special catalogues will also be distributed. A room-cycling machine so that beginners can try their hand at riding motor-assisted bicycles for the first time will also be available. A wide range of different motor-assisted bicycles will also be available for actual test drives outside of the facility.

In addition to the special exhibition, the racing sports ANCHOR, the casual sports ordina, the fashionable urban MarkRosa and the urban speed cruiser HELMZ will also be on show.

The Bike Forum Aoyama hosts exhibitions of Bridgestone Cycle's most recent bicycles and a variety of other events related to bicycles in order to spread the word to people throughout the country about the attractiveness of bright and healthy lifestyles that the use of bicycles can provide and a new style of bicycle culture.

<Outline of the Special “Denki-no-Chikara” Motor-Assisted Bicycle Exhibition at the Bike Forum Aoyama>

Venue: Bike Forum Aoyama
Address: 3-1-26 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Six minutes walk from exit No.3 of the Gaien-Mae Station on the Ginza Metro Line.
Tel: 03-6438-1971
Business Hours: 11:00 to 19:00 (closed on Sundays)
URL: www.bikeforum-aoyama.jp/
Period: March 09 (Friday) to April 10 (Tuesday)