May 18, 2011
The Compact Motor-Assisted JOSIS-WGN E.A. Complete with Rear Basket for Ladies Now on Sale
Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Yuji Takeuchi) will release on nationwide sale from June 27 the JOSIS-WGN E.A. bicycle fitted with a motor-assistance function as a follow up to the JOSIS-WGN, the ladies model fitted with a rear basket for fashionable shopping and strolls about town.

The JOSIS-WGN caters to the demands of ladies who wish to ride fashionable bikes but also require a basket with ample capacity. This model was developed for the purpose of answering these demands. In more detail, JOSIS-WGN boasts an easy-to-pedal low-floor frame with a low center of gravity, a container-style rear basket complete with a dot-patterned cover, different tires sizes at the front and rear to provide stable stability when unloading good and when cycling with a heavy load, and BMX-style handlebars that allow the rider to cycle in a relaxed and comfortable position. Moving the basket from its conventional position at the front to the rear has given the bike a smarter and more fashionable appearance.

The new model was developed in accordance with demands from our customers for a motor-assisted model of the JOSIS-WGN, which has been highly acclaimed ever since its release in January 2010. The JOSIS-WGN E.A. is a compact motor-assisted bicycle following the same design as the JOSIS-WGN to which a 2.9Ah long-life battery that can be recharged between 700 and 900 times has been added together with an assistance function operated by a switch situated conveniently on the handlebars from which three assistance modes can be selected, including the Auto-Eco Mode Plus, which automatically controls assistance power and saves battery power.

<Overview of Sales for the JOSIS-WGN E.A. Model>
Sales Area: Nationwide
Annual Sales Target: 1,000 units
Date of Release: June 27
Standard Cash Retail Price: 89,800 yen

F.X. Glitter Pink

Product Configuration
Model Code
Wheel Size (inch)
Standard Case Retail Price (inc. tax.)*
Lithium Ion Battery Capacity
Frame Color
Estimated Traveling Distance per Recharge (Standard Pattern) Assistance Level
Auto Eco-Mode Plus Standard Mode Strong Mode
Front 20
Rear 18
89,800 yen
F.X. Glitter Pink
P.X. Pure White
F.X. Active Yellow
15km 12km 10km
* The standard cash retail prices include the standard recharging unit.

[Features of the JOSIS-WGN E.A. Model]

1. Underborn frame with a low base and low center of gravity design
Underborn frame with a low base, low center of gravity and long wheel-base design that is easy to pedal and that provides stability when cycling even when heavy loads are being carried in the rear basket.


2. Large container-style rear basket (with dot-patterned basket cover)
The large container-style rear basket comes equipped with a dot-patterned cover to prevent the contents from falling out. Basket dimensions: Top area 400 × 300mm, base area: 360 × 250mm, height 180mm

3. Different sized tires, with a 20-inch front tire and an 18-inch rear tire
The smaller rear tire provides stability when loading or unloading goods from the basket and when cycling while carrying heavy loads.

4. Fat 2.125HE tires
Fitted with wide tires with an approximate width of 5.4cm for added stability.

5. White Flash Mini battery lamp
Fitted with a rounded, fashionable shell-shaped LED battery to enable safe cycling at night.

6. BMX-style handlebars and pedals
Finished in the BMX style with handlebars that can be gripped from a relaxed position and easy-to-pedal, wide pedals.

7. A Big Terry saddle designed in the classical style
A Big Terry saddle designed in the classical style. The studs on the saddle provide a sense of nostalgia.

8. A front carrier to which the optional basket can be installed
Fitted with a front carrier so that a basket can be installed at the front.

9. Near at hand 3-mode panel switch
A panel switch located conveniently on the handlebars that displays the remaining battery capacity in four stages and that can be used to switch between the Standard mode, the Auto Eco Mode Plus and the Strong mode assistance levels.

10. Long-life battery with approximately double the life of conventional models
The life-span of conventional batteries (replacement period) was between 350 and 450 recharges, but this long-life battery has doubled this life-span to between 700 and 900* recharges. This means that the total distance that can be cycled with a single battery has been doubled, which provides an economical purchase from the point of view that the extra life represents a full replacement battery with conventional models. The shape of the battery has also been upgraded to enable it to be connected and disconnected with even greater simplicity.
* This figure is a yardstick. The conditions under which this yardstick were established involve an annual recharge count of 200 cycles when used in the standard pattern at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. (1 cycle = a full charge after the battery has been allowed to run out.)

11. "The Auto Eco Mode Plus" that automatically controls the assistance power in accordance with all traveling scenarios
When [Auto Eco Mode Plus] is selected from "the three assistance modes" that determine traveling performance, pressure on the pedals is automatically detected to provide automatic control over the assistance power. This provides the perfect support by applying power when needed and by saving battery power when not needed under all conditions, including when riding up steep gradients, when riding into head winds and when on extended journeys. In addition, it is also possible to select either the [Strong Mode] for increased power and the [Standard Mode] that makes the best use of both power and distance.

12. Warranty on main parts
A warranty on main parts has been added for peace of mind, with a two-year warranty on the battery and a three-year warranty on the frame, the front forks and the drive unit.

13. Complete with three-year theft compensation package
In the event of the bicycle being stolen within three years of purchase, 70% of the standard cash retail price will be discounted off a new bicycle.

14. BAA Standards
Manufactured with environmentally-friendly parts that conform to "the BAA (Bicycle Association (JAPAN) Approved) standards" that were voluntarily established by the bicycle industry.

JOSIS-WGN E.A. Specification Sheet
1. Underborn frame with a low base and low center of gravity design
2. Large container-style rear basket
3. Different sized tires, with a 20-inch front tire and an 18-inch rear tire
4. Fat 2.125HE tires
5. White Flash Mini battery lamp
6. BMX-style handlebars and pedals
7. A Big Terry saddle designed in the classical style
8. A front carrier to which the optional basket can be installed
9. Near at hand 3-mode panel switch
10. "Long-life battery" with approximately double the life of conventional models
11. "The Auto Eco Mode Plus" that automatically controls the assistance power in accordance with all traveling scenarios. Assistance Level: *
* The assistance level represents the amount of available assistance power. Levels differ between models.

[Main Specifications]
Product Name
Size Wheels (inches)
F 20-inch / R 18-inch
Tire Size
F 20×2.125HE / R 18×2.125HE
Overall Length (mm)
Overall Width (mm)
Saddle Height (mm)
Wheelbase Distance (mm)
Minimum Rider Height
135cm or taller
Bicycle Weight
Motor Performance Assisted Speed Range
Less than 24km/h
Brushless DC System
Assistance Drive
3-mode Assistance (Strong, Standard and Auto Eco Mode Plus)
Assistance Level *1
Assistance Control
Handlebar Switch
Panel-type handlebar switch
Carefree Battery Light System *2
Standard Equipment
Rated Output
Assistance Control System
Pedal Strength Comparison Control System
Continual Traveling Distance
(Standard Pattern) *3
Strong Mode
Standard Mode
Auto Eco Mode Plus
Yardstick for Battery Replacement and Number of Charges
700 to 900 charges
Battery Model
2.9Ah Long-Life Battery (2.9Ah Lithium Ion)
Capacity *4
Recharger System
AC100V Stand System
Recharging Time
Approx. 1.5 hours
*1 The assistance level represents the assistance output. Slight differences are apparent between models. *2 The light system is safe in that the light remains on even when the switch to the assistance unit has been turned off. *3 The standard pattern represents repeated cycling at a predetermined speed along two areas of flat road for 1km and up and down a hill with a 4-degree gradient for a total of 4km. The traveling distance data is based on our own data under the conditions of the battery being new, the ambient temperature being 20 degrees Celsius, the load on the bicycle being 65kg (the total load of rider and baggage,) the surface of the road being flat and smooth, there being no wind, with the lights being extinguished, in second gear when traveling up gradients of 7.0% (4 degrees) and in third gear for all other occasions. There are cases in which traveling distance will become shorter under different conditions and in different environments. *4 The PSE rated capacities for battery capacities are listed on the right-hand side in accordance with PSE revisions (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.) 2.9Ah listings represent 2.7Ah.