December 09, 2010
A Message to Owners of the GRANDROAD S550 Manufactured by Merida Industry Co., Ltd
- Details on Free Replacement of the Front Fork and a Request for your Cooperation -
There have been reports of breakages in the front fork stem pipes of GRANDROAD S500 bicycles and bicycles of the same model (although the length of the stem differ) that were imported by Bridgestone (sold at dealers between November 2008 and December 2009,) the front forks mounted and then sold in Europe by Merida Industry Co., Ltd. Although no accidents or breakages have been reported in Japan, we will replace these free of charge with stronger forks as a preventative measure in consideration of our customers' safety.
Details on free replacement will be distributed by dealers to all owners via direct mail (DM) and telephone. All dealerships will be equipped with the replacement front forks and will contact owners individually when all preparations have been made, and so please visit your dealer when you are contacted in order to have the front fork replaced. We realize that this will prove tiresome, but we beg your understanding and cooperation in the interests of safety. We extend our deepest apologies to all our customers for the trouble caused.

1. Affected Products and Units Sold
(1) Model: GRANDROAD S500 manufactured by Merida Industry Co., Ltd.

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[1] Model Code: GS545, Product Code: 1B95AA, 30 units
[2] Model Code: GS550, Product Code: 1B95BA, 20 units

(2) Units Sold: Total of 50 units

2.Details on Free Replacement
(1) You will be contacted by your dealer via DM or telephone to confirm if your bicycle is
affected by this problem and to check the frame size.
(2) The replacement parts will be sent to the dealer by Bridgestone, and you will be contacted when all preparations have been made.
(Please expect approximately one week for the delivery to be made.)
(3) You will then be requested to visit your dealer in order for the front fork to be replaced with a stronger model.

Please minimize use of the bicycle until the replacement has been completed.
In the event of you not being contacted by DM or telephone, kindly contact your dealer.

3. Inquiries
Contact the Bridgestone Cycle Customer Service Center if you are not contacted by your dealer
owing to having moved, and for all other inquiries.
Freedial: 0120-72-1911

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 (excluding weekends, national holidays and company holidays.)