June 1, 2010
Motor-Assisted Bicycles with Double the Battery Cycle Life
Assista Lithium Light and Vegas E.A. Now on Sale
In the middle of June, 2010, Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) will release two motor-assisted bicycles for which the cycle life (number of recharges) of the lithium ion batteries have been doubled over conventional models; the Assista Lithium Light and the Vegas E.A.

Both of these models that are equipped with 2.9Ah High-Endurance Lithium Ion batteries have the smallest capacity batteries of all Assista models and are therefore inexpensive. They are bicycles designed for comparatively short-distance trips, and because the batteries have small capacities, they are able to be recharged more times. The objective behind the development of these models was to expand the number of times the batteries could be recharged (cycle lifespan.) We managed to double the regular number of 350 to 450 recharges to between 800 and 900 recharges, which has resulted in bicycles that are extremely economical to operate for users for short-distance cycling.

2.9Ag High-Endurance Lithium Ion battery.

2.9Ag High-Endurance Lithium Ion battery

Assista Lithium
Assista Lithium

Vegas E.A.
Vegas E.A.

Trends in the Motor-Assisted Bicycle Industry
The revisions to the Road Traffic Regulations that were enacted in December 2008 allowed the assistance standards to provide a maximum manpower-verses-motor assistance ratio of 1:2 at a speed of 10kph. This has reduced wobbling and fatigue when riding up hills and carrying heavy loads, which has resulted in people of wider age groups using motor-assisted bicycles, which in turn has led to ever-increasing growth. Angelino Posh Asista DX (khaki and yellow)

Features Shared by the Assista Lithium Light and the Vegas E.A.
1. 2.9Ah High-Endurance Lithium Ion Battery
(1) Approximately double the endurance (of conventional models.)
Cycle lifespan (number of recharges) approximately doubled. (Conventionally: 350 to 450 conventional recharges New: 800 to 900 recharges.) This has resulted in bicycles that are extremely economical to operate for users for short-distance cycling.
2.9Ah High-Endurance Lithium Ion Battery

(2) Perfect cycling power for shopping and other short-distance chores.
A single charge in the [Auto Eco Mode Plus] enables a distance of up to 16km to be cycled.
(In the case of the Assista Lithium Light in the Standard Pattern.)
Labels based on a measurement standard known as the Normal Cycling Pattern have been used up until now for possible traveling distances per charge, but as discrepancies occur with actual distances traveled in areas that contain many hills and inclines, from this year the Bicycle Association of Japan have established a new standard, known as the Standard Pattern, that is also to be added numerically to new models. (The traveling distance for the Normal Cycling Pattern in the [Auto Eco Mode Plus] is 57km.)
(3) Fitted with a ternary Lithium Ion battery that provides high output and superior levels of high endurance to enable it to withstand low temperatures.
(4) It is only necessary to recharge the amount of power that has been consumed with the Lithium Ion battery.
(5) Equipped with a simple stand recharger onto which the battery just needs to be placed.

2. Greater assistant power and improved assistance feeling.
Assistance power when first starting pedaling and when cycling up gentle inclines has been strengthened and the feeling improved. This reduces the risk of wobbling when starting off and when cycling up hills to provide even higher levels of safety than ever.

3. Cycling modes increased from two to three
The [2-Mode Mechanical Handy Switch] has been changed to the [Panel 3-Mode Handy Switch]. The choice of [Auto Eco] and [Strong] available up until now has now been changed so that [Auto Eco], [Standard] and [Strong] can now be selected. The motor detects the pressure being applied to the pedals when in" the Auto Eco Mode Plus" mode, and this automatically controls the assistance power to either provide extra power or conserve battery life in accordance with road conditions.

4. Fitted with brakes that provide higher braking power
Uses the [Aluminum Two-Pivot Caliper Brake] with high braking power (front wheel) and the high-performance and silent [Roller Brake] (rear wheel.)

5. Complete with the carefree [Three-Year Theft Compensation] plan
In the event of the bicycle being stolen within three years of purchase, 70% of the standard cash retail price will be discounted off a new bicycle.

Features of the Assista Lithium Light
1. Equipped with the [White Flash Slim 2 Battery Lamp] that uses LEDs.
(1) Uses bright LEDs that illuminate the entire road surface for high visibility.
(2) Fitted with "a Safe Battery Light System" that switches on the battery lamp even when the assistance switch is set at off.

2. Anti-theft "1-Key, 2-Lock"
The handlebars are locked at the same time as the rear wheel is locked, which is an effective anti-theft precaution.

3. Stainless Steel Rear Carrier Conforming to [Class 25] Specifications
Child seats can be attached to the rear carrier (maximum weight endurance of 25kg,) which is made of stainless steel to prevent rusting.

4. Equipped with high-level, practical functions
(1) Fitted with the durable, long-lasting [Tough Road Tires] (front and rear.)
(2) Fitted with [Stainless Steel Rims] that are durable against rust.
(3) Fitted with a [Double-Foot Stand] for safe parking.

Features of the Vegas E.A.
1. A fashionably stylish, easy-to-ride and comfortable bicycle.
Fashionable style that is both easy and comfortable to ride
(1) The compact wheels (20-inch) and "the Long Wheelbase" frame design, which increases stability on straight stretches of road, provide a fashionable style of comfortable cycling.
(2) Featuring the raised "Delta Handlebars" and the fashionable and comfortable "Big Terry Saddle". "The fat tires" with a width of 1.95HE are the secret to a comfortable ride.
(3) "A White Flash Mini Battery Lamp" is located on the simple and fashionable front carrier, which is fitted as standard. This lamp comes equipped with "a safe battery light" that can be switched on even when the assistance switch is off.

2. Equipped with high-level, practical functions
(1) Equipped with "non-slip pedals" that prevent slipping.
(2) A special basket, rear carrier and other items are available as options.

Features of the Assista Lithium Light and the Vegas E.A.

1. Product Configuration and Price
Standard Cash
Retail Price
(including tax)
Frame Color
Assista Lithium Light
86,800 yen
(including the 7,350 yen
M.XR. Silver
M.X. Precious Sky
M.X. Precious Rose
E.X. Café Beige
Vegas E.A. VG2L30
86,800 yen
(including the 7,350 yen
E.X. Black
Red and Beige
Green and Beige
Main Uses
Assista Lithium Light: Equipped with a U-frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Perfect for shopping.
Vegas E.A.: Fashionable and comfortable for urban cycling.

- Estimated Traveling Distance Per Charge

<Assista Lithium Light>
Auto Eco Mode Plus
Standard Mode
Strong Mode
Standard Pattern
Normal Traveling Pattern

<Vegas E.A.>
Auto Eco Mode Plus
Standard Mode
Strong Mode
Standard Pattern
Normal Traveling Pattern

Standard Pattern may be assumed to be for areas with many hills and inclines, and Normal Travelling Pattern may be assumed to be for areas with mostly flat roads

2. Sales Area: Nationwide
3. Date of Release: Middle of June
4. Sales Target: 20,000 units (within one year of release)