May 14, 2010
Support for the 2010 X2 TOKYO Project Activities
In continuation of last year, Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) will provide support for the X2 TOKYO project as an official sponsor.

X2 TOKYO is a project promoting the widespread use of bicycles in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the improvement of convenience and lifestyles related to this, and the effects it has on the environment.

Last year produced some unique policies that helped create opportunities for interaction between people and bicycles while stylishly advocating the attractiveness of bicycles and lifestyles centered around bicycles, and all of these were warmly received.

This year, under the theme [Cycle/Connect/City], we will consider solutions for turning Tokyo into a cycling metropolis that we can be proud of on a global scale with four groups of creators and artists, and all people who want to participate in X2 TOKYO. The objective of this is to move from a standpoint of advocacy to participation in order to provide even more stimulation to the awareness of people involved in the field of bicycles.

There are two main reasons by Bridgestone is happy to provide support for X2 TOKYO. The first of these is that the overall concept of the project coincides with our policy of promoting the widespread use of environmentally-friendly and lifestyle-enjoyment items in daily urban life. And, the second reason is that we believe that the existence of bicycles should transcend the bicycle boom of last year and that there are a large number of issues on which all industries, regardless of their field, should join together in cooperation to face.

We are convinced that X2 TOKYO will play a dominant role in enhancing the culture of bicycles by linking a large number of creators and bicycle lovers together in a manner that exceeds the frameworks established by manufacturers.

It is the intention of Bridgestone Cycles to cooperate with everybody who supports X2 TOKYO and this project in order to ensure improvements in the promotion of the bicycle culture and enact improvements to the environments that involve bicycles.

It is our sincerest wish that you will look forward to and take part in our 2010 activities.
Access the website listed below for further details on the X2 TOKYO project.