January 20, 2010
Motor-Assisted Bicycles that are Even Easier to Ride
The Assista Series Now on Sale
At the end of January 2010, Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) will release three new models to the Assista series, which is enjoying continued growth in the field of motor-assisted bicycles; the Assista Lithium, the A.C.L. and the Veltro E.A. All three of these new bicycles boast improved comfort and improved assistance levels in alignment with the revisions to the Traffic Enforcement Act of December 2008.
Assista Lithium
Assista Lithium

Background behind the Development of the New Assista Series
The recent effects of the high cost of petroleum and an increased awareness of the environment and personal health have led to demand for motor-assisted bicycles to increase in leaps and bounds. Amidst this popularity, the Traffic Enforcement Act was revised as of December 01, 2008, which entailed revisions to the ratio of motor assistance to a maximum of 1:2 under human propulsion at speeds of less than 10kph. This has reduced wobbling and fatigue when riding up hills and carry heavy loads, and it has resulted in widening the age-groups of motor-assisted bicycle users and led to a 15% growth over figures for 2009 (source of data: in-house.) Conventional models were reviewed in order to develop these three new models, and they are now even easier to ride than ever. Making the best of these three model changes, we now intend to forge ahead with expanding the market for motor-assisted bicycles even further by systematically bringing out new models.

Features of the New Assista Series
1. Increased assistance power when starting off and riding up gentle slopes.
We have increase the power of the assistance and improved the overall sensation when starting off and when riding up gentle inclines. This reduce the danger of wobbling when the feet first leave the ground and when riding up hills to provide even more stability than was available up until now.

2. Basket shape, saddle and coloring upgraded.
New colors have been used for the Assista Lithium, and the basket has been modified so that it is lighter and more stylishly rounded. The saddle for the A.C.L. has been improved. It uses a "Super Comfort Saddle III", which is produced with two layers of low-response material and urethane. New colors have been used for the Veltro E.A., and it has been finished to produce an even more fashionable and casual style of motor-assisted bicycle.

Favorable Sales Points
1. Equipped with the most recent "S.P.E.C. 3" (Shift Position Electric Control 3) technology to improve the tangibility of the assistance function.
The newly-developed "S.P.E.C. 3 (Shift Position Electric Control 3) Assistance mode ensures" that all gear positions provide optimal assistance power.
The assistance power is fully activated for all gear positions to provide powerful yet smooth assistance even when using low gears.

2. Uses the "lithium-ion battery 4.0"
(1)The use of a 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery enables a distance of up to 67km to be cycled with a single charge when in the "Auto-Eco Mode Plus" (normal cycling patterns.) Labels based on a measurement standard known as the Normal Cycling Pattern have been used up until now for possible traveling distances per charge, but as discrepancies occur with actual distances traveled in areas that contain many hills and inclines, the Bicycle Association of Japan have established a new standard, known as the Standard Pattern, that is also to be added numerically to new models.
(The traveling distance in the "Auto-Eco Mode Plus" mode in 24km with the Standard Pattern.)
(2) Equipped with a lithium-ion battery for which only the amount of power that has been consumed needs to be recharged.
(3) The use of the stand-type recharger means that it is less bothersome and only needs to be situated in place in the same way as a mobile telephone.

3. The assistance mode can be selected from the "Auto-Eco Mode Plus" in accordance with the cycling scenario.
(1)The use of the "Auto-Eco Mode Plus" enables the automatic assistance to be felt when pressing on the pedals, automatically controls the assistance power, and either provides increased assistance or saves battery power in accordance with the cycling conditions.
(2)The use of a "magnetostrictive torque sensor" enables light and easy pedaling when the power is switched off.

4. Equipped with a "White Flash Battery Lamp" that uses high-luminance LEDs.
(1) High visibility LED lamps that clearly illuminate the road surface.
(2)Equipped with a "safe battery light system" that enables the battery lamp to be illuminated even when the assistance switch is switched off.
5. Other Features
(1) Equipped with two highly visible "Solar Tail Lamp II" LEDs that operate on solar power and blink automatically.
(2) "Three Year Theft Compensation Plan" (In the event of the bicycle being stolen within three years of purchase, 70% of the standard cash retail price will be discounted off a new bicycle.) A.C.L

Veltro E.A.
Veltro E.A.

Overview of the New Assista
1. Product Name: Assista Lithium, A.C.L., Veltro E.A.
2. Product Configuration and Price
Wheel Size
Standard Cash
Retail Price
(including tax)
Frame Color
Assista Lithium
104,800 yen
(including the 7,350 yen recharger)
M.X. Titanium Silver
M.X. Precious Blue
P.X. Chocolate Brown
E.X. Eggshell Beige
E.X. Khaki Gray
F.X. Pure Red
3-Shift 104,800 yen
(including the 7,350 yen recharger)
M.X. Sparkling Silver
P.X. Crystal Black
P.X. Aurora White
Veltro E.A.
3-Shift 104,800 yen
(including the 7,350 yen recharger)
E.X. Cream Ivory
E.X. Chestnut Brown
E.X. Mocha
E.X. Powder Blue

Estimated Traveling Distance Per Charge (same for all three models)
Auto Eco Mode Plus
Standard Mode
Strong Mode
Normal Traveling Pattern
Standard Pattern

Normal Travelling Pattern may be assumed to be for areas with mostly flat roads, and Standard Pattern may be assumed to be for areas with many hills and inclines.
3. Sales Area: Nationwide
4. Date of Release: End of January
5. Sales Target: 25,000 units (within one year of release)