September 28, 2009
A New Order-Made Carbon "Anchor" Model with Japan's Most High-End Road Frame Now on Sale
Supporting "Team Bridgestone Anchor" as They Take on the World
On January 10, 2010, Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) will release the new Anchor RMZ equipped with the order-made carbon frame used in Bridgestone Cycle's in-house fitting system onto a market that is enjoying increasing growth owing to cycle road races and other sports events.

Background to Anchor Development
Bridgestone Cycle takes part in races both at home and abroad under the name Team Bridgestone Anchor in order to provide support for cycle racing.
We engage in scientific analysis based on the invaluable data that we have built up through our involvement in road races on a daily basis and put it to excellent use in creating bicycles.
The order-made carbon frame and order-made system that we have developed with Anchor brand technology is a clear sign that the new Anchor has taken evolution a step further.

* Team Bridgestone Anchor *
Established in 1999 and still going strong
Members of the team won the Japan National Cycling Championship in 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2004.

Powerful team Members
Makoto Iijima
(Won the Track Point Race in the National Cycling Championship in 2006, 2007 and 2008 Entered the Sydney, the Athens and the Beijing Olympics, and was 8th in the Beijing Olympics.)

Kohei Yamamoto
(Won the MTB Cross Country Race in the National Cycling Championship in 2009 Entered the Beijing Olympics.)

Features of the Anchor RMZ
1. A personal matching frame for which the skeleton and frame rigidity can be specially ordered in accordance
with the riderfs body and their types of cycling.
(1) Order-made carbon frame
An epoch-making carbon frame for which it is possible to specially order frame rigidity in addition to the conventional skeleton (dimensions.)
This enables us to provide the rider with the optimal carbon frame that perfectly matches up with their types of cycling.
Ordering is carried out with the use of our in-house fitting machine and fitting software.
* Types of cycling: Suits personal styles for sprinters, climbers and other riders.
(2) High-Rigidity Frame
Targeting top tournament racers with the use of high-modular carbon with excellent levels of elasticity.
(3) Dragon Claw Heads
Four sharp claws give the head tube cross-sectional distortion to improve pipe rigidity.
This helps suppress contortion forces when dancing (pedaling in a standing position when cycling uphill,) and increases
impetus, forward momentum and braking.
(4) Frame Shape
A trapezoid cross-sectional frame designed in accordance with optimal configuration theory.
(5) Head Shape
The high-rigidity frame uses a suitable wide-bore super over-sized integrated head system.
(6) Seat Post
An integral seat post that joins the frame and seat post together in order to reduce weight and attain a low center of gravity.

2. Ordering System
(1) Recommends the optimal skeleton for the rider's bone structure with the use of our special fitting
machine and fitting software available via the web.
(2) Recommendations from the fitting machine's body measurement function through to optimal frame
rigidity determined in accordance with the rider's type of cycling.
(3) Individual user orders are made via the web based on the data calculated by our fitting system.

3. Frame Colors
(1) Can be selected from a total of thirty-four colors, including illusion colors and fluorescent colors that change
color depending on the angle they are seen from.
(2) The user's name will be engraved on the frame as proof of special order.

RMZ * Completed bicycle for reference purposes
RMZ * Completed bicycle for reference purposes

Overview of the Anchor RMZ
1. Product Name: Anchor RMZ (RMZ = Road Matching Zenith)
2. Standard Cash Retail Price: From 480,000yen
3. Size: Order-made
4. Color: Order-made
5. Dealers: Nationwide Anchor fitting shops (limited)
6. Date of Release: Orders accepted from January 10, 2010
7. Sales Target: 100 cycles (within one year of release)