September 28, 2009
Commemorative Models for Users of All Age Groups to Go on Sale
To Celebrate our 60th Anniversary Since Establishment
The sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) arrives on October 03. The use of bicycles is becoming trendy nowadays owing to increased environmental awareness and an expanded interest in maintaining good health, and bicycles are no longer just considered to be indispensible items for everyday life, they are now regarded as being items for enjoying everyday life.

Because of this, we will put on sale a range of commemorative models for users of all age groups to celebrate our 60th anniversary as a manufacturer of bicycles in order to emphasize the health-giving properties and enjoyment that a cycling life can provide.

Overview of 60th Anniversary Commemorative Goods
New models to go on sale for users of all age groups
We will release onto the market six different models for all user age groups, from small children through to the baby-boomers.
(1) 3 Models in the Initial Sales Stage: Scheduled for release in January 2010.

  User Age Group Model Name Outline of Model
[1] Teens, High School Students WEDGE ROCK A tough, wild and bit progressive bicycle for riding around town
[2] Ladies in the 20s to 30s JOSIS Wgn A compact ladies' bicycle designed by our ladies' team that is fashionable yet has plenty of room for bags
[3] Men in the 30s to 40s ordina A steady and stylish sports bike.

(2) 3 Models in the Second Sales Stage: Scheduled for release in March 2010.
We will be releasing new, unprecedented models for all age groups, from infants through to the baby-boomers.

2. Features of Each Model (Initial Sales Stage)
(1) Concept: A tough, wild and "bit progressive" bicycle for riding around town
(2) Main Specifications: A new type of "house wives' model" bicycle.
Tough and easy to mount with a double wedge frame.
Equipped with wild and classical parts.
All functions required for commuting to school.
Durable fat tires, "Tentomushi" automatic lights, 1 key/2 locks.
Complete with 3-year theft compensation.
(3) Expected retail price: 38,800yen to 41,800yen

[2]JOSIS Wgn
(1) Concept: A bicycle for urban ladies that solves the problem of wanting to ride a fashionable bicycle and still carry substantial bags.
Compact design (Real Clothes Bike.) 5th model in the Relaxy Bike project.
(2) Main Specification
Emphasis placed on fashionable.
A chic silhouette even when the rear basket is attached.
Five different color variations based on a street-wise style.
Easy to ride even when carrying heavy loads.
Spacious rear basket to carry large loads.
Long wheel base and low center of gravity to make it easy to ride even for ladies.
18-inch rear wheel (small) to make loading and unloading easy.
Easy-to-mount function, and the under-bone type for easy pedaling.
(3) Expected retail price: 34,800yen to 39,800yen

An integration of several existing brands to create a new sports bike brand.
(1) Concept: A steady and stylish sports bike.
(2) Main Specifications: 4 types, 12 models
Four different tire sizes and styles.
26-inch Cross Bike
Easy-to-mount staggered frame.
Slightly fat 26 * 1.5-inch tires to provide stable and comfortable riding in the upright position.
700C Cross Bike
700 * 32 tires for comfortable and speedy riding. Stress-free posture when riding in the upright position.
700C Cross Bike with Suspension
Equipped with suspension and slightly fat 40C tires for easy riding over bumps.
26-inch MTB
26 * 2.1-inch slightly fat block pattern tires perfect for all types of urban streets.
(3) Expected retail price: 40,800yen to 99,800yen

3. Inauguration of the Anniversary Logo
We have inaugurated an original logo in commemoration of our 60th anniversary.

The phrase "It's all because of you" has been enclosed within the number "60" to represent the wheel of a bicycle and to extend our gratitude to our customers.

60th anniversary
60th Anniversary Logo