September 28, 2009
The Bike Forum Aoyama, a Showroom and Multi-Purpose Office
Now Open in Tokyo's Aoyama
Distributing New Bicycle Culture from the Leading Edge of Fashion
The sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) arrives on October 03.
To commemorate these sixty years of business, we have opened a showroom and multi-purpose office in Tokyo's Aoyama.

Establishing an office in fashion-leading Aoyama in Tokyo enables us to get acquainted with the shapes and styles of bicycles our customers demand as swiftly as possible, and this helps us develop new bicycles that lead the industry.
In addition to providing a development environment for specific ideas, we hope that this showroom will also result in the nationwide distribution of the bright and healthy lifestyles that are created through the use of bicycles and lead to a new type of bicycle culture.

Role of the Bike Forum Aoyama
Showroom (1st Floor)
(1) Exhibition of latest bicycles.
A convenient location providing easy access from Shibuya and Harajuku in which people can view the latest bicycles. The exhibition includes the high-class sports brand Anchor, the urban casual brand Relaxy Bike Series and other bicycles that enhance urban lifestyles.
(High-class sports prototype models can also be ridden for trial.)
(2) Events
The layout of the showroom's exhibition area can be freely changed around to provide the perfect space for various types of events when needed. We will be regularly hosting talks by people involved in the bicycle industry and trial riding events, and will work hard to expand the number of bicycle fans by providing a wide range of information as a bicycle information station.
(3) Also Useful for Cyclists
Jingu Gaien is a place in Tokyo that attracts many runners and cyclists. Making the best possible use of the Gaien location, we set up a shower room in order to provide a convenient spot for use by cyclists. We have also gathered together a wide range of books and journals relating to cycling that visitors are free to browse.

2. Office (2nd Floor)
The multi-purpose office was established to house the Product Planning and Design Department. The conference rooms are used for meetings with clients and suppliers.
The entire building is covered with glass to provide a sense of openness. Establishing an office in the fashionable Aoyama area of Tokyo allows us to get closer to our customers and listen to their wishes, which we then reflect back immediately on new product development.

3. Website
We have set up a website dedicated to the Bike Forum Aoyama. This enables us to provide descriptions on the showroom exhibitions, and distribute a wide range of information related to bicycles and events via the Internet.

Overview of the Bike Forum Aoyama
1. Name: Bike Forum Aoyama

2. Address: 3-1-26 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6438-1971
Access by Train
Metro: Approximately 6 minutes walk from Gaien-Mae Station on the Ginza Line, exit No.3.

3. Facilities: 1st Floor Showroom, 2nd Floor Office

4. Business Hours: 11:00 to 19:00 (Sundays and National Holidays)

5. Open: September 28 (Monday)

The Bike Forum Aoyama