March 19, 2009
Bridgestone Becomes the Official Sponsor of the X2 TOKYO Project

Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) will provide its fullest support as the official sponsor of X2 TOKYO.

X2 TOKYO is a project aimed at increasing the distribution of bicycles among the residents of Tokyo in order to improve convenience and establish lifestyles that have a favorable effect on the environment. While spreading the word on how attractive lifestyles that center on bicycles can be in a stylish manner, we also intend to establish policies that ensure the creation of communities of bicycle lovers and allow as many opportunities as possible for local residents to come into contact with each other through the medium of their bicycles.

We at Bridgestone Cycle believe that bicycles are not only a convenient and familiar method of transportation, we are also convinced that they are kind to the environment and provide an additional element of enjoyment in everyday life. We are therefore in full agreement with this wonderful project and intend to provide our fullest support in the hope that the concept we have with regard to bicycles can be spread amongst urban residents.

We are sincerely looking forward to working together with the bicycle dealers and other related people who are involved in X2 TOKYO and the edicts of this project in order to improve the culture of bicycles and establish an environment in which bicycles flourish.

See the following web site for further details on the X2 TOKYO project.