January 26, 2009
Sporty, Casual and Fashionable
The MarkRosa, Now on Sale

Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) will release on sale the MarkRosa utility cross-bike, which is both stylish and perfectly suited to urban lifestyles, at the end of January 2009.

A user-friendly bicycle that is kind to the environment and provides excellent foot-lighting. This bicycle is part of our "Relaxy Bike Project", which advocates "fashionable cycling lifestyles that take the environment into consideration."The MarkRosa represents the fourth new model in the series.
The MarkRosa was conceived to cater to the people who are both "sports-conscious and fashion-conscious and wish to ride bicycles that are sporty, casual and fashionable."
A full lineup of ten different frame colors is available for selection in accordance with each individuals taste in fashion.
The mudguards and other practical accessories have been simplified to match up with the concept of a sports bike and to provide a design over which much attention has been paid.

Two different types of frame design are available; the horizontal frame for men who prefer traditional form, and the staggered frame that is easy to ride even for the ladies. Adding the ladies' model to the lineup has enabled us to cater to a strong demand in recent years for a "casual sports bike targeting ladies that can be used positively in everyday life."


Features of the MarkRosa
1. Two types of frame available: The horizontal type (diamond-shaped) and the staggered type.
(1) Horizontal (Diamond-Shaped) Frame
A traditional form in which the top tube lies parallel with the ground. A frame design that concentrates on the beauty of form. Although the bicycle utilizes 26-inch wheels, the crossbar (distance from the saddle to the handlebars) has been lengthened to create the sensation of riding a 27-inch bicycle.
(2) Staggered Frame
The top tube has been lowered to create a frame that is easy to ride by the ladies.
The sporty form makes this bicycle perfect for the ladies who wish to actively incorporate cycling into their daily lifestyles.

2. 6-Speed Externally Mounted Transmission
(1) 6-speed gears to enhance the fun of sporty cycling on flat surfaces and inclines.
(2) The transmission is mounted on the outside of the bicycle to provide a sporty appearance.

3. Two bicycle types available for each frame design: The "Tentoumushi (light) model" for practical use with automatic lamp light-up, and the "eSPECIAL model" fitted with the sporty "emeters" cycle meter.
(1) The "Tentoumushi (light) model" is fitted with the "Tentoumushi (light)" feature, which turns on the lights automatically when it gets dark.
The "White Flash Mini Tentoumushi (White Flash Mini light)" is a high-output white LED that illuminates a wide area despite its compact size. The front wheel also uses the newly-developed 28H "Smart Hub Dynamo Wheel" to provide a high-quality finish that is perfectly suited to sports bikes.
(2) The "eSPECIAL model" is fitted with the "emeters" (*1) cycle meter complete with a SNS function.
Equipped with the "emeters" cycle functions that not only provides information on distance traveled, it also gives data on calories consumed and traveling times.
Connecting the "emeters" to a special web site via a PC enables the SNS function to exchange information with other people.
(Designed for sports activities, its simple style and lightweight design mean that it is not mounted in the "chain case" or "front carrier".)

(*1) "emeters"
(1) The "emeters" cycle meter was developed in-house by Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd to record and save details on the distance and time traveled, the traveling speed and the calories consumed on a daily basis.
(2) Connect it to a PC and manage your own cycling data graph on "the special emeters website" (www.emeters.jp). Entering information on weight and body fat in addition to the meter's measurement data provides the perfect tool for health management.
(3) Registration to "the emeters website" is free of charge, and it allows members to exchange information with other members in addition to managing the traveling graph. The site is fully fitted with all functions required to make friends and create any type of community you wish, as well as a wide range of contents, such as the challenge function, the ranking function and the cycling map function. The main feature of this is that the cycling data for each member is intimately linked into the SNS function.
(4) Cycling predetermined distances earns the members "leafs," which are eco-point units, to provide them with advice on their level of contribution to the environment.

4. Fitted with a "chain case" and "mudguards" despite its sporty design
Fitted with a chain case and mudguards to ensure the rider always remains fashionable. Both of these boast a simple form to add a trendy sense to their functionality.
(1) The "Wired Short Chain Case" that prevents trouser cuffs from getting soiled matches the sporty design perfectly. (Not included on the eSPECIAL model.)
(2) The mudguards are slim and functional and use "Flat Fender", which places the emphasis on design.

5. An amazing ten different colors to choose from
A bicycle's color is an extremely important element that expresses individuality. A total of ten wide-ranging colors are available, from chic tones through to vivid tones.

6. Equipped with practical high-level functions in addition to sports functions
(1) Equipped with a "Front Carrier" as standard to enable the optional basket to be attached.
The eSPECIAL model does not have a front carrier (although baskets can be fitted optionally.)
(2) Uses "the Sports Comfort Saddle II", which boats a sporty design and superior cushioning effects.
(3) Equipped with a convenient "side stand" as standard for when parking.
(4) Uses "26 x 1-3/8 Center Slick Tires" to enhance the joy of sports cycling.

MarkRosa Horizontal (MK66DT)
MarkRosa Horizontal (MK66DT)

MarkRosa Staggered (MK66ST)
MarkRosa Staggered (MK66ST)

Overview of the MarkRosa
1.Product Name: MarkRosa
2.Product Configuration and Price

Standard Cash
Retail Price
(including tax)
Frame Color
Externally Mounted
6-Speed Gears
37,800 yen E.X Black
E.X White
M.X Gun Metal Gray
E.X Navy
E.X Farm Green
(with emeters)
39,800 yen E.X Black
Externally Mounted
6-Speed Gears
37,800 yen E.X White
E.X French Pink
E.X Mint Aqua
E.X Cheese Yellow
E.X Cafe Beige
E.X Navy
E.X Modern Red
(with emeters)
39,800 yen E.X White
3.Sales Area: Nationwide
4.Date of Release: End of January
5.Sales Target: 15,000 (within one year of release)