December 26, 2008
The Assista Stila L Now on Sale : A Motor-Assisted Bicycle with High Levels of Support for New Standards of Assisted Cycling

At the beginning of February 2009, Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) will release the Assista Stila L motor-assisted bicycle that provides high levels of support for new standards in the ever-expanding market for motor-assisted bicycles.

Background behind the Development of the Assista Stila L
The Traffic Enforcement Act was revised as of December 01. This entails revisions to the ratio of motor assistance to a maximum of 1:2 under human propulsion at low speeds of 10kph in order to reduce wobbling and fatigue when women and elderly people, who have less strength, ride up hills and carry heavy loads, which is in direct contrast to the previous maximum ratio of 1:1 at speeds of 15kph. As this enables easier cycling with motor-assisted bicycles there has been increased demand amongst people over the age of fifty and amongst housewives in their thirties, and the new standards brought about by this revision to the law has resulted in us completely reviewing our conventional model and making dramatic improvements. Using this opportunity to display the appeal of the new standards, we are planning to sequentially release additional new models.

Features of the Assista Stila L
1. High levels of assistance through the use of the most recent "S.P.E.C. 3" (Shift Position Electric Control 3) technology that improves the tangibility of the assistance function.
(1) The newly-developed "S.P.E.C. 3" (Shift Position Electric Control 3) Assistance mode ensures that all gear positions provide optimal assistance power that supersedes the power available with conventional models.
(2) Conventional motor-assisted bicycles involve a mechanism that controls the assistance power in the top gear, which makes it difficult to exploit the power in the lower gears, but the newly-developed "S.P.E.C. 3" (Shift Position Electric Control 3) Assistance mode allows the optimal assistance power to be set for all gears to provide powerful and smooth assistance even in the low gears.
(3)The speed sensor in the front wheel enables the drive unit to recognize the gear in use and the speed of traveling, and this controls the best levels of assistance power for each gear.

2. Uses the "lithium-ion battery 4.0"
(1)The use of a 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery enables a distance of up to 67km to be cycled with a single charge when in the "Auto-Eco Mode Plus".
(2)It is possible to recharge only the amount of power that has been consumed to reduce recharging times.
(3)The use of the stand-type recharger means that it is less bothersome and only needs to be situated in place in the same way as a mobile telephone.

3. The assistance mode can be selected from the "Auto-Eco Mode Plus" in accordance with the cycling scenario.
(1)The use of the "Auto-Eco Mode Plus" enables the automatic assistance to be felt when pressing on the pedals, automatically controls the assistance power, and either provides increased assistance or saves battery power in accordance with the cycling conditions.
(2)The use of a "magnetostrictive torque sensor" enables light and easy pedaling when the power is switched off.

4. Safety Aspects Improved to Provide Upgraded Functions and Design
(1)A strong (compatible with Class 25 to enable a maximum load of 25kg) and fashionable "pipe carrier to which child seats can be attached".
(2)The "new Temotode Lock II" (At-Hand Lock II) enables the handlebars to be locked and released in the most natural manner without having to take the hands off the handlebars.
(3)The "new rakuraku wide stand II"(new Easy Wide Stand II) has greater breadth to prevent the bicycle from falling over, and it can be operated with a simple touch of the foot to avoid unstableness when parking.

5.Equipped with a "White Flash W(double) Battery Lamp" that uses two high-luminance LEDs.
(1)Located in the center of the Front carrier, these LEDs have safety specifications that provide high visibility by shining on both sides when riding on roads.
(2)Equipped with a "safe battery light system" that enables the battery lamp to be illuminated even when the assistance switch is switched off.

6.Equipped with Many Functions to Improve Practicability.
The bicycle is not only fitted with a motor-assistance function, it also has many other functions that make it easy and safe to ride.
(1)Equipped with two highly visible "Solar Tail Lamp II" LEDs that operate on solar power and automatically turn on and off.
(2)Equipped with an "Kuuki Miharu-kun"(Air Monitor function) that enables the pressure in the tires to be checked with a single glance.
(3)"Three Year Theft Compensation Plan" (30% of the retail cost of the bicycle provided a compensation in the event of it being stolen within the valid period.)

Assista Stila L AS6L49 E.X. Marino Blue

Overview of the Assista Stila L
1.Product Name: Assista Stila L
2.Product Configuration and Price

Standard Cash
Retail Price
(including tax)
Frame Color
Stila L
108,800 yen
(including the 7,350 yen recharger)
E.X. Cream Ivory
E.X. Modern Green
E.X. Marino Blue
E.X. French Pink
E.X. Modern Red
3.Sales Area: Nationwide
4.Date of Release: Beginning of February
5.Sales Target: 8,000 units (within one year of release)