August 05, 2008
Children's Bicycle with a Futuristic Monocoque Frame
Smart Kids now on sale.
On August 20, Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. (president: Keiji Watanabe) released on nationwide sale the new Smart Kids children's bicycle that places the emphasis on design, functionality and safety.

Background behind the Development of the Smart Kids
Although the effects of the declining birthrate are shrinking the market for children's bicycles, we decided to go ahead with the release of the Smart Kids model, which boasts superior levels of design, functionality and safety, as a recommended model.
A bicycle for tough kids with a smart design and excellent functionality that pays attention to the fine details.

SMK16 Smart Kids

Features of the Smart Kids
1. A unisex design favored by sensitive parents, and a new form that has never been available before.
(1) A unique and futuristic "monocoque frame".
The rear brake wire is imbedded into the frame to produce a sleek appearance.
(2) A simple design complete with a cool decorative plate to add a touch of cuteness.
(3) The extremely strong "polycarbonate mud guard" usually used on adult bicycles has been used with this model, marking a first for children's bicycles.
(4) The wire basket, made from a combination of a mesh panel and wire, places the emphasis on the design and practicality.
(5) "Slick-type tires" are used to provide a high-class and sporty feel

Fully-Equipped with a Wide Range of Bridgestone's Original Safety Features
(1) Utilizes the newly-developed "Kodomo rakuraku bureiki"(Easy-Brakes for children), who should have no trouble gripping and operating the bicycle with their tiny hands.
The distance between the brake wires can also be easily adjusted without the use of tools by simply rotating the dial adjustor.
(2) "Soft-curving handlebars" that not only look good, they are also easy to operate.
(3) Equipped with a "new assistance bar" to help children ride without trouble even after the stabilizers have been removed.
(4) Equipped with "non-slip pedals" especially designed for children with flat pedal surfaces and non-slip material.

Bridgestone Lesson Function for Teaching Kids How to Ride on Two Wheels after the Stabilizers are Removed
When learning to ride a bicycle with the stabilizers removed, kids have to not only move the pedals round, they also have to maintain their balance, which is difficult for most kids and requires a great deal of time. We at Bridgestone have improved all of the parts to serve as a lesson function under the belief that learning these two actions separately leads to quicker success.
(1) Fitted with "lesson pedals" that can be removed and attached without the use of tools.
(2) "The new assistance bar" provides stable assistance to sooth away a child's anxieties.
(3) The "Kantan chakudatsu saido hoiiru"(simple attachment side wheel) enables the stabilizers to be attached and removed without fuss.
The stabilizers are usually fitted into place together with the rear wheel on the majority of bicycles, but this model enables them to be removed easily.
The tires on the stabilizers are of a noise-suppressing design to ensure silent riding.
The stabilizers and the pedals can be removed and attached easily to enable riding lessons to start at any time.
Removing the pedals and allowing the child to practice until he or she is able to maintain balance and then moving across to the pedaling stage is the quickest way to master riding a bicycle.

4.Fitted with the BAA (Bicycle Association Authorization) Mark
This model conforms to the BAA (bicycle safety standards) enacted by the Bicycle Association.

Overview of the Smart Kids
1.Product Name: Smart Kids
2.Product Configuration and Price
Standard Cash
Retail Price
(including tax)
Frame Color
Smart Kids
32,800 yen
Silver and Blue
Silver and Green
White and Pink
32,800 yen
33,800 yen
3.Sales Area: Nationwide
4.Date of Release: August 20
5.Sales Target: 10,000 units (within one year of release)